Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Trivial Nature of Life

The past couple of weeks I have been amazed at the dynamics of communities within the Social Media Sphere. Both the Frozen Pea Fund and also the nature of debate, such as the debates in Seesmic that have spilled out into blogs has been fascinating to watch. In a sense these things have existed in online forums and the like long before online video, but the nature of the current trivial communication mechanisms, such as Twitter and Seesmic, I think have broadened who we would encounter and how we can communicate, and in the case of video by providing tone of voice and body language.

Now I realize that in person meetings and gatherings convey a whole new level connection and people can just waste time that could be spent otherwise. That said, I have found it fascinating that these tools that enable us to easily communicate the trivialities of our lives give us more of the sense of a community or a tribe - where we might go beyond simply words and move to actions - such as raising funds for someone we've only met through 140 character snippets.

Here is a video where I talk more on the subject:


Anonymous said...

Great post Goldie. The challenge is, how do I get my wife to see it the way you do? @OracleJulio

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed hearing you describe Seesmic. I started and joined Twitter & Seesmic 2 days ago and finally now starting to grasp the idea! lol You seem to be right one top of it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


sfloislane said...

Hey there Goldie ... love the post, and love your contributions to Seesmic! Keep 'em coming!


Steve Garfield said...

Hi Goldie,
Really great post. I posted on a similar topic, Social Videoblogging.

I like how you talk about the content of the conversations. I talk about the ease of joining them.
Check it out.

Saha said...

I've never heard of seesmic before! thank you! i got here from your twitter. i really enjoyed your video, you're so right it's the trival things that we know that connects us.

Saha said...

oh poop it's beta :(

Randy said...

Nicely done. You make some valid points. Keep up the posting. I found you thru Viddler which is yet another new media exploration for me. And then you turned me onto Seesmic (guess I'll have to check that out now!! Argh). But thanks for your inspiration.



Dave said...

This is David Neff over at the American Cancer Society. Thanks for helping us the spread the word about something that effects thousands of women every year. Breast Cancer is treatable when caught early.


P.S. If your coming to SXSW hear us talk Frozen Peas at our Interactive Panel.