Friday, April 11, 2008

Video Photos and Fun

It is fun watching as video evolves on the net and how many different ways video can be served up.

The latest in that genre is "A movie is a moving photo" - the 90 second videos on Flickr. There are quite a few folks playing with that and I'm having fun with that idea too. What would a picture look like if it could move. Or if you were making a snapshot of life rather than a movie. There is lots of potential with the idea. Sometimes imposing ridiculous limitations actually brings out more creativity.

Here are my first "Moving Pictures". I'd love to see yours.

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Jaffer said...

Hi Goldie !

I found you on You Tube, looking for videos on how to knead dough and followed you to Viddler and finally here.

I've always followed the Challah Lessons by Juggling Frogs, but you cover a bit of science which helps.

Love what you've got here on this blog especially the videos. I'll be back and I guess you can expect more of me now an then.

Thanks !