Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Regional Elitism & Web 2.0 - A Video Response

A video response to the thread that Eric Rice started on regional elitism.
(Scobleizer's rejoinder to Eric can be seen here. Other parts of the discussion are scattered about the web)


curiousyellow said...

You nailed it. What you say makes complete sense. I moved out here to the Bay Area years before there was a Silicon Valley. (Actually, there was when I came out here, but it was building missiles for the defense industry.)
Unlike some of my friends I have little desire to visit New York or Boston.
I earn my living in another industry (not high-tech) but I've stopped throwing money away on their conferences too. I prefer high-tech conferences because they're more interesting to me, but I never spend more than a couple of hundred bucks, and that's rare.
Sadly, the San Francisco Bay Area has priced itself out of almost everyone's market.

UJ said...

I think the whole discussion over Regional Elitism is a bit of an anachronism. Case in point, I didn't have to leave my house or get on a plane to watch you give a presentation.

It reminds me of when shopping online first became popular, and analysts were so sure that a retailer would always have to have a brick and mortar location to survive. It simply wasn't true.

The argument over whether or not we should all have to go to the same place to be bloggers is the same thing. Gnomedex and Podcamp are harbingers of the new media, yes, but they do it in an outdated fashion.

Just the same as I don't have to check the TV Guide to see what time Goldie's Gabs is scheduled to come on, I also don't have to go all the way to Colorado or San Francisco or wherever just to meet the people involved. I'm doing it right now!

I also don't need to hope that I'll see curiousyellow or another goldie fan there, because we already have a convention hall to meet at - right here!

It's the internet, baby! Forget location.