Monday, October 1, 2007

An Autonomous Metaverse

I have been involved in a discussion over on Virtual Worlds Connect about how law applies to cyberspace. Some side discussions got me thinking about how one might go about creating a virtual world that could have an independent legal system. I thought I'd capture the general ideas in a video.

After the introduction to the more practical aspects of law and the metaverse, the alternative metaverse idea begins at about 2:20 on the time-line.

The video associated with this post seems to have disappeared. For the ideas contained in the video please see the post "An Autonomous Metaverse - in Text"


UJ said...

I just got this post in my google reader today, seems the video is no longer up. Is it available anywhere else? Or can you link to the discussion about law in the metaverse? Sounds pretty interesting. btw have you seen ?

Goldie Katsu said...

I'm trying to figure out where the video went as the Viddler copy is the only one. (Next time I'll save my videos to disk after recording)

I haven't seen yet but I'll go check that out.