Friday, March 7, 2008

Colorado Podcamp Update

If you didn't already know, planning for Colorado Podcamp (yes, I know the word order is usually different) has begun.

If you are interested in it and haven't gotten involved join the Colorado Podcamp Google Group we are using for planning/coordination.

We are also using TalkShoe for weekly meetings (except for the week of the Denver Area Podcaster's meetup.)

The next Talkshoe meetup will be Thursday March 13th at 7PM. There is more on the talkshoe site for the call.

Yesterday's call was excellent. We got to talk with Angelo Mandato who is "point" for Podcamp Ohio. He talked a bit about what makes Podcamp an "unconference" and about what they are planning for Podcamp Ohio. They have also been using talkshoe and have their sessions up on their website - so if you are in Ohio be sure to check them out if you haven't already.

We also talked about ideas for Colorado Podcamp, next steps, fundraising and promotion ideas and all sorts of stuff. If you would like to here more I've embedded the most recent episode at the bottom of this post.

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