Saturday, March 22, 2008

Having watched so many events from a distance and wanted to be there I think is an an awesome idea. What is Well to quote their press release:

Live events stimulate conversations, but those offsite can’t really respond until later, when “the moment” has passed. What if you could engage from anywhere right as something interesting happened? In real time? Using super flexible, lightweight “social media” tools that make anyone a mediacaster.”

And that is an awesome idea. As I have watched live streaming and chat programs and more evolve and spread I have been wondering - Why can't we create a way for people who can't come to the event to participate and join in the event? I mean, it isn't going to be the same as being there, but it can certainly allow partial involvement and move this "distance is shorter because we can use the network" to the point where it involves participating in actual events.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing how evolves and I'm hoping I will be able to make it down to join in the last day of Boulder Startup Weekend 2 to see it first hand.

I'd love to bring into Colorado Podcamp. New Media is global and local - what a great way to enable both. Thank you Laura "Pistachio" Fitton.

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Tola said...

We think that this model works pretty well ourselves. If you take a look at, they achieve the same kind of effect. We've devised a concept called sonecasting, which stands for "social network broadcasting" and we've built an app that supports social media content aggregation and audience engagement. Sonecasting has 3 parts: publish, aggregate, and engage. Get the content onto the social web, pull it together in one place (which we call an "online venue", and engage the audience...