Monday, July 16, 2007

Attitude & and iPhone Giveaway at Viddler

This video has two parts the first part is about the excitement of the drawing for the first iPhone that viddler gave away. They have one left and you can enter by doing MeToday videos yourself.

The second part is about tackling a problem, and how talking with a good friend helps. I realized that I was looking at problem with "past eyes". As we grow and change the way people react to us changes. Also, people and situations change.

To assume that something won't work "because it never worked before" is using "past eyes". Why didn't it work before? Are those factors still the same? Can you change the ground rules? It may not have worked in the past, but is there benefit from trying it again now? It might just be worth giving it a try.

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Gruven Reuven said...

Too funny... I was all excited for you winning an iphone.