Thursday, July 12, 2007

Promote Yourself

Eric Rice was talking about the skills rating feature of 8apps on Twitter, and there was a bit of discussion of whether people like/don't like such a feature. Given the way the tool is implemented, the feature can be a great tool, because it lets you know how other people perceive your skills.

You know what you are good at and what you like to do, but if others aren't seeing it they aren't going to think of you when they need that skill. Tools like these help let you know how others are seeing you. By knowing how others rate you, you can know if you need to work on how your being perceived.

Perception, in part, comes down to promotion, or more specifically self-promotion.

I don't know about you, but for me for years self-promotion seemed selfish and egotistical. My attitude was "I did it, that should be enough for me to get recognized." ( what attitude was egotistical.)

The truth is, everyone is busy living their lives and has their own priorities. They may notice that the job was done but not bother to see who it was that did it. Alternatively, maybe your work was fundamental to the success but not the flashy front-line work that everyone notices. In our fast paced information filled lives there is only so much we can pay attention to.

This means that we need to promote ourselves if we want to be recognized for what we do. AND...and this is the part that took me a while to get... it isn't selfish. If you don't promote yourself people won't know what you can offer and you will be denying them the use of your skills.

Now how to promote yourself, well Chris Brogan has an excellent post on this. As he points out: make it about your audience. This is true whether it is your new product/website/gadget or if it is about your skills at your everyday job.

There is a time and place for anonymous action. Just make sure your anonymous actions are chosen and not caused by an oversight.


Susan Reynolds said...

Excellent post. After all, if you don't tell me what you do, will I have a clue? You know I'm on the bandwagon; and love what you feature here.

Clarence said...

I was digging on the same sort of notions earlier this year as well. It's easy to believe you're taking the "high-road" by not promoting yourself, but, in the end that is the only way people can find you (unless your brand is viral forreal).

It really comes down to the nature of your brand hustle. If you can keep TRUTH on front st. you'll be better off, while still connecting with others and getting you, your brand, and your message on their radar.

Keep em' thinking Goldie. 'Preciate the honesty you've shared here.