Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why I do MeToday and Why You Should Too

This is about why I am doing a daily MeToday video over on Viddler and why you should consider doing it too. Sure, recording a MeToday may not be for everyone but if you aren't doing it because you don't think you have something interesting to offer, think again. We want to hear about your day, and you may get some benefits from it too.


Laura Athavale Fitton said...

Goldie, I's VERY excited about the me today concept as a tool clients to gain confidence speaking and presenting. If an athlete never worked out, they'd have nothing. Same for speakers. Use it or lose it. Keep up the great work!

Muhammad Mosa said...

Well, It is cool to have a Me Today video casts. and it would be more interesting to talk about your day experiance; issues, solutions, ideas. Also from time to time, every body might want to talk, just to talk, about anything to take out what he is carrying on his back.
Well, good Post, and I can call it A How to do Me Today