Friday, September 21, 2007

A Toy Before the Holiday

I picked up one of those little tennis ball thrower dog toys a few days ago, but hadn't yet brought it in. Before it was Shabbat I thought I would bring it in and play with the dogs. Just bringing it in from the car the handle was a smell fest for the dogs - verry exciting. Then I opened the wrapping about the tennis ball launcher - tennis ball included. Ooooh new tennis ball smell.

Barak was beside himself.
He started bouncing around like he was on a pogo stick and then offering any behavior - perfect intent on me sit, down, stand, bounce and around again hoping it would get him the toy. Ember was wiggling with excitement herself. They seemed to have missed the memo about Akitas being aloof reserved dogs, but they got the goofball part.

We headed outside and I threw the ball. Sometimes Ember will actually play fetch, but this was not one of those days - today was keep away/hand off the ball and wrestle day.

They both race to get the ball and then the victorious hunter runs while the other chases, then the front dog stops throws the ball down and chases the other while the formerly chasing dog scrambles to get the ball. They bounded about the yard leaping and turning in the air. Ahhh the joy of a new tennis ball - the simple pleasures of life.

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